Cause I have fangirl probz.
(&& by boyfriendz I mean shipz)

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one direction plays flappy bird

Liam: oh god, oh god stop hitting the pi- no it hit the pipe!! please no- okay try again. [tap] okay... [tap] easy...
Zayn: mate u cont do that it's like... just flap the bird [dies] oi shit
Louis: fucking fuck I hate this fucking game fucking bird cont fookin fly stewpid
Niall: cant believe it ! I died again ! Best game in th world !
Harry: flap, flap, flappy bird. Flap, flap - oh, you silly thing. Fly through the pipe, pal. Come on. Flap, flap, flappy bird....


Have you ever listened to One Direction singing live in a studio? No background noises, no crowd… but just their own voices? Well, One Direction performed What Makes You BeautifulStory of My Life, and Best Song Ever live in a studio in London. Here is the result…

Hearing Louis’s voice when they’re all singing »»>
I can’t simply imagine what it’d be like without him.

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